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Friday, January 27 2012
We receive many inquiries regarding the best time of year to conduct an estate sale.  Most people assume that it is Spring or Summer since people tend to be "out and about" more often.  Although the weather might be more delightful, your competition is definitely frightful! 

Spring and Summer months are the most popular time for people to host their garage sales, particularly if there is an estate sale happening in their neighborhood.  Enterprising minds like to piggy back on the advertising efforts of the estate liquidation company.  Is that good for business?  It is for those having a garage sale.  But it's not good for gross sales of your estate.  Why?  Customers will plan their route from sale to sale.  The thrill of the hunt for something special is almost an addiction.  The same customers will go from estate sale to estate sale and garage sale to garage sale.  They will keep their wallets closed more often than not, just in case they find a "better treasure" at the next sale.  We recommend that you avoid the competition to improve the chances of earning top dollar for all of your items.

We are fortunate to be based in Denver, Colorado.  We have 300+ days of sunshine every year.  Our winters are not that bad.  Sure it's a roll of the dice if there will be a blizzard on the dates of your planned estate sales.  But that's why we tune in to local meteorologists.  If there is a likely chance of a major storm of any kind, we'll avoid that timeframe.  Do we only conduct our estate sales on bright, sunny days?  No.  But we can definitely avoid the harshest of the harsh weather.

During the winter months people still want to get out and about.  Your estate sale is a primary reason for them to do so. Plan your estate sales during "off peak" times to enhance your chances of bringing in maximum gross sales.
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