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Thursday, June 21 2012

Our clients frequently ask us if they would be better off selling their high value items on eBay, Craigs list, via consignment or even directly to collectors or dealers.

Our response is a resounding no. Estate sales that include a wide spectrum of items – antiques, collectibles, cars, fine jewelry & art, china, sterling silver, stamp & coin collections and even tools and kitchen items – will always draw the best crowds and therefore bring you the best across-the-board return.

In addition, many of our customers are collectors or dealers themselves who know the value of items and will pay a fair price. Items that are "shopped around" prior to the public sale will not command the highest prices during the sale.

Why do we say this? Our experience preparing and running estate sales since 1985 has shown us what separates the mediocre sales from the extraordinary sales that produce the highest return.

When we conduct our free initial consultations, we reiterate the message that items of high value are exactly what we need to attract large crowds interested in purchasing those items. We work hard to bring you the highest possible price for all of your items so we can deliver the highest bottom line overall for your estate sale.
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